New Group at the Wellcome Sanger Institute

In July 2022, I started my new research group in the Tree of Life Programme at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. Tree of Life is a young research programme with four research groups, led by Mark Blaxter, Mara Lawniczak, Kamil Jaron and me. While we all have our own faculty projects focusing on different aspects of biodiversity genomics, Tree of Life also forms part of multiple big collaborative sequencing projects such as the Darwin Tree of Life project, aimed at sequencing all UK eukaryotes, or the Aquatic Symbiosis Genomics Project. My team focuses on rapid speciation and rapid adaptation, and how they are affected by genetic diversity, gene exchange through interbreeding (admixture), genomic rearrangements, and different types of selection. We work on different study systems including ithomiini butterflies, peacock spiders, wall lizards and cichlid fishes. All of these study systems contain some lineages that have diversified very rapidly and others that diversify at a more typical, slow pace. More info on our group website.

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